WS2 – Muscle Synergies: Looking into the CNS

The hypothesis that muscle activations are organized according to a synergistic control paradigm is gaining relevance in the neuroscience community. Experimental evidences showed that such modular organization is maintained in healthy subject and affected in neurologically impaired people. We believe that the analysis of muscle synergies has great potential for the assessment and rehabilitation of neuromotor diseases.

The protocols and methods developed so far are now sufficiently mature to be translated to the clinical scenario. This workshop wants to encourage this process, by an hands-on experience in which the participants will 1) understand the neural and functional meaning of muscle synergies, 2) perform a complete experimental session on real subjects, and 3) learn to correctly interpret the experimental results and their implications for rehabilitation.

The participants can touch with hand the most recent techniques and meet some of the major experts in this field. The workshop will last 3 days, with a total duration 4.5 hours.


Diego Torricelli, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Madrid, Spain