Spanish National Research Council

Neural Rehabilitation Group


CSIC is the largest public multidisciplinary research organisation in Spain. The Neural Rehabilitaion Group has long term expertise in managing human-machine interaction, HMI (a basic element in neuroprosthetic and neurorehabilitation devices for restoring physical impairment). CSIC has particular expertise in algorithms for processing bioelectrical signals (EEG, EMG) and biomechanical information (inertial sensors). In the area of physical HMI, CSIC has developed several functional compensation systems (tremor, gait support, assistance to CP kids, among others) based on human-robot interaction.

Steering Committee:

Chair: Prof. José Luis Pons
Secretariat: Mrs. Pilar Raya

Neural Rehabilitation Group
Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC)

Georg-August University

Institute of Neurorehabilitation Systems

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The Institute of Neurorehabilitation Systems at the University Medical Center Goettingen has been founded by Prof. Dr. Dario Farina, who is also the current Director of the Department.
We investigate basic neuromuscular mechanisms mediating movements and their changes underlying both acute adjustments (e.g. muscle fatigue) and chronic adaptations (e.g. training, stroke) (movement neurophysiology). Moreover, we develop methods to restore, replace and modulate lost or impaired motor functions (neurotechnologies). Our approach is interdisciplinary and is based on expertise in computer modeling (bioelectricity, biomechanics, neural networks), neural signal processing (machine learning), electrode and sensor design (high-density intramuscular and surface EMG electrodes), hardware design (multi-channel general-purpose amplifiers), neurophysiology of human movement (spinal circuitries, motor units and motor neurons, motor control modularity) and neurotechnologies (FES, BCI, robotics, active prostheses).

Steering Committee:

Chair: Prof. Dario Farina

Institute for Neurorehabilitation Systems
Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience
Bernstein Focus Neurotechnology Goettingen
University Medical Center Goettingen. Georg-August University

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